Apple Music Classical: Apple’s Newest Addition to their Music Services

Apple has announced the launch of Apple Music Classical, a standalone app that offers a vast collection of classical music. Apple Music Classical is expected to be available for download from March 28, 2023.

The app offers over 5 million tracks and 700 curated playlists, and is available for free to users who have an Apple Music subscription. For those without a subscription, the app will be available at a monthly price of $4.99 in the United States.

The announcement of Apple Music Classical was not entirely unexpected. In 2021, Apple had acquired Primephonic, a classical music service, and since then rumors had been swirling that Apple was working on its own classical music app. Moreover, the app had been found in iOS update code, leading many to believe that it was only a matter of time before the app was launched.

Apple Music Classical offers a superior audio experience, with 24-bit high-res audio and 192 kHz audio, and some tracks will even have spatial audio. The app offers an updated search function, which allows users to search for tracks by artist, composer, conductor, catalog number, and work.

The app’s interface has been designed to complement the classical music experience. The now-playing screen is black or white and doesn’t mirror the album, giving the app a unique look. The app offers more information about the work itself, including composer bios, notes, and artwork that complements the piece based on its time period.

Apple has also commissioned portraits of famous classical music artists such as Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin. The portraits are designed to complement the artwork and give the app a unique look.

The app is only available on iOS for now, with no iPad or Mac version. However, a version for Android is expected to be launched later. Apple has also created a Twitter account for Apple Music Classical, which has been active since October 2022.

The app is available for pre-order now, and a link to it can be found in the app store. While the app is not a paid app, users can pre-order it to be among the first to download it when it becomes available.

Apple’s entry into the classical music app space is likely to have a significant impact on the industry. With its vast collection of tracks and curated playlists, Apple Music Classical is likely to become the go-to app for classical music lovers. The app’s superior audio quality and unique design are likely to make it a popular choice among users.

In conclusion, Apple Music Classical is a welcome addition to Apple’s suite of music apps. The app’s vast collection of tracks, curated playlists, and superior audio quality make it an excellent choice for classical music lovers. With its unique design and artwork, the app is likely to become a popular choice among users.

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